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Dynasty Chemicals Ningbo Co Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of dyestuffs pigments and speciality chemicals auxiliaries for textile plastics coating inks industry Since our establishment in 1998 we ve rapidly expanded our market to over 40countries in Asia Europe America and Africa over the years Based on our team of dedicated professionals well equipped QC laboratory and continuous R D investment we supply high performance eco friendly colors and chemicals as well as good technical service to our customers Our laboratory is equipped with modern testing devices that provide extensive analysis for most of our customer s requests Before delivery all the batches are tested and compared to...

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SBMKSNKCBDBMAPIOBAMODInkPAMHMBOB-1HALSBBOTTTHPUMOHDyesTiO2ATBCGoldACACResinBP101PaperUV-71PaintBinderIndigoHS-508HS-944Stable4-DHBPBlue NBLS234FB 367FB 184FB 185FB 199HS-123FBA185UVITEXBlue BHS-292FB 368FB 378Blue 2NOBA 134GlitterOBA 199P.R.190OBA 4BKMagentaPigmentLeatherOBA 135PlasticTk12627FBA 367DiamondCBS-127FBA 368OBA 353CarrierOBA 351DefoamerAcid RedBlue FFRHinderedBlue FRLPU ResinBlack BRGreen GHCSFC 127Blue FBLVat DyesBlue 5RLInk DyesBlue 2RABlack HNAdditiveHALS 783SoftenerDecrolinCosmeticDisperseWhitenerHALS 962Red InksHALS 770Vanox GTSudan IIRed DyesSoda AshWax DyesSudan IVC.I.21260C.I.18208C.I.18852C.I.13900C.I.61565C.I.48525Food DyesPesticideBlue BRLHDetergentFEMA 2841C.I.69025C.I.18097Brown 25LStablizerC.I.61525C.I.12010C.I.70320C.I.18221C.I.59075C.I.18207Acid DyesC.I.13245C.I.26100C.I.67000C.I.26105Non-toxicUVITEX OBThickenerDegreaserAdditivesNocrac300C.I.11700C.I.61568C.I.60725C.I.12150C.I.62025Drug DyesC.I.59700C.I.48160C.I.11020C.I.12055IRON BLUEC.I.12700C.I.65225C.I.26110C.I.11227C.I.18690Oil Red OC.I.47000C.I.56238C.I.59705C.I.68550C.I.12715C.I.58050C.I.47023C.I.26125C.I.26120C.I.58840C.I.60510C.I.61102C.I.62015C.I.68210C.I.53640C.I.61554Benazol PBlue DyesBrown DyeC.I.60505C.I.59105C.I.60756C.I.47020C.I.61705C.I.56200C.I.61100C.I.11021C.I. 12714C.I.564100C.I. 73300AntistaticVat Red BBC.I.551200Bhsorb-327C.I.470180C.I.615676Vat Grey MC.I. 67300StabilizerC.I.588390Based InksC.I.625580Print InksBlue X-GRLKarenzudk2C.I. 71110C.I. 17755C.I. 12140C.I.561930PARSOL 340Acid Red BSudan BlueYellow Ink25322-68-3Green DyesC.I.615290C.I.615670Brown DyesVat Pink RAuramine OC.I.505720Paper DyesTinosorb MV AbsorberBrown M-2ROrange 54LVat Red 5BSpecialityBasic DyesC.I.617001C.I.127450Offset InkBlack DyesOil Red BNOil Red BSC.I.564150C.I.607280C.I.505700Sonox 1135C.I.564120Violet FBLC.I.605060Iron OxideUvitex BACUvinul D49Alvinox FBC.I.674700Iganox 900Yellow InksYellow DyesOrange InksVat Olive TVat Grey BGCoating InkTinopal MSPVat Blue GCEUSOLEX OCRTinuvin 770Red PigmentDirect DyesRed CoatingC.I. 481520104810-48-2Solvent DyeViolet InksChisorb 328Vat Olive RLowilite 28Rubine DyesYellow IronCAS976-56-7104810-47-1Tinuvin 326Irganox1222INDIGO BLUEPhorwite CLTINUVIN 292Vat Blue BCBumetrizoleHALS HS-508Tinuvin 327C.I. 625580Tinuvin 962Acid Blue BVat Grey 3BViolet DyesSebazinsureEOctrizoleoTinuvin 329OctocrileneEversorb 74FAFAR HS-50Orange DyesAnionic PAMTINUVIN 234Fabric DyesEverfos 225OctabenzoneSudan Red GOil Red EGNOil Pink FBAcid Red BBOrang K-2RLIrganox 168PlasticizerIganox 1076Basic Red BIrgafos 168Uvinul D-50Basic Red PUvinol D-50Acid Red GWAcid Red BWAcid Red 3BIrgafos 900Everfos 900Irganox 245Vat Blue BOIrgafos 225AntioxidantCobalt BlueEvernox1135Acid Red 5BIrganox 225Irganox 215Evernox 215Irgafos 215Irganox1135Irganox 300Acid Red 2BAcid Red ARGlitter RedIrganox 626Everfos 168Sudan Red BAcid Red BLVat Red F3BAcid Red GNAcid Red 2GVat Brown GUV AbsorberPigment RedVat Blue RXAt Brown 2RAcid Rose 6BVat Blue BKFIrganox 3114Navy Blue FBSulphur BlueVat Blue RNXVat Brown GGSuGreen DyesIrganox 1098Vat Brown BRNavy Blue BRVat Brown 2RAcid Red 131Indigo PasteGlitter PinkVat Black DBAcid Green BAcid Brown BVat Blue GNXVat Blue 4RBBlue PigmentAcid Black BBrown PaintsVat Blue RSNVat Blue BCSAcid Red F2RVat Grey 6BGVat Navy RANOil Brown BBUvistat 1121Mordant DyesKetone ResinGlitter BlueSudan Red 3BAcid Blue 8GAcid Blue PAVat Olive GTAcid Blue ASCrimson K-rbRapid DyeingInk AddtivesInterferenceAcid Blue 2RSolvent DyesVat Red DyesAcid Red 2GLAcid Red 3BNSulphur DyesRhodamine 6GOil Blue 603Low ToxicityGlitter GoldVat Olive 2GFixing AgentNatural DyesStabilizer IHodiastab 83Vat Green 2GRaw MaterialVat Black BBGravure InksPrinting InkVat Khaki 2GVat Olive MWBulk GlitterDrometrizolePrinter InksVat Black 2GSilver WhiteSumisorb 300Dyeing AgentGold GlitterBody GlitterBenzonitrileTextile DyesThasorbUv327Vat Black RBWritting InkVat Grey 6BRIrganox 1425Vat Grey M-TAcid Green VBasic Red 6BBisoctrizoleVat Yellow GVat Violet BAcid Blue AMIrganox 1010Acid Red S-GTINUVIN 1577Basic Red FGAcid Red 3GPCobalt GreenPigment BlueAcid Brown RAcid Red 349Naugard 412SAcid Grey BLIrganox 1081Ultranox 626Food PackageFischer BasePrimesorb770Carbon BlackNail GlitterCrystal GoldBenzophenoneCyasorb 1084Soaping AgentAcid Brown RDMordant Red BACID BLUE 317Brown PigmentCosmetic DyesBASIC GREEN 1Blankophor CLAcid Brown NTCatinoic DyesPigment Red 2Printing InksAcid Brown SGVat Rubine 6BDurable PressAcid Brown NRACRYLIC RESINAcid Brown SRAcid Blue A2GLaser GlitterZapon Red 395Acid Blue 4RLGlitter LaserSulfur Blue 7Pigment Red 3Vat Violet 3BVat Violet 2RAcid Green SFSky Blue DyesAcid Green 5BGreen PigmentAcid Green BSAcid Green GSVat Orange 23Acid Orange GVAT Brown LBGVat Brown G-MPigment Red 4Acid Black BDPigment Red 5Wetting AgentAcid Blue GLFVat Orange RKInk AdditivesPigment Red 8Jade Green 2GVat Green FFBHigh FastnessAcid Red DyesAcid Brown 2RSudan Black BMordant Red GSolvent-BasedAcid Black NTOil Brown 830Medicine DyesTinuvin 622LDVat Blue DyesDirect Grey DMethyl YellowSolvent Red 8Polar Red RLSAcid Blue AFNR Dyesed DyesBenzotriazoleSolvent Red 1Acid Blue N-GAcid Blue HRLAcid Blue BNLAcid Blue P-RSolvent Red 3Black PigmentBlankophor BAPearl PigmentVat Orange 3GRohdamine 6GDAcid Black NBFlavine 10GFFAcid Black BRReactive DyesAcid Yellow RGlitter BlackGlitter BrownAcid Red F-2GAcid Black WAAcid Black BLAcid Black LDAcid Black RBAcid Grey S-BAcid Grey MSLPigment GreenDirect Red 2BAcid Maroon VAcid Red E-BMDirect Red 2GPrussian BlueBasic Red GRLBasic Red 2GLChrysoidine GGlitter GreenDirect Red 6BAcid Blue 185Basic Red GTLAcid Navy S-GAcid Brown RLDirect Red 4BPigment BlackDirect Pink BDisperse DyesAcid Red S-BRCationic DyesPolyacrylamideSolvent Red 49Solvent Red 52Orange CoatingCAS 69912-86-3Acid Violet BLPaint PigmentsAcid Orange RLPigment PowderAcid Yellow 4RBasic Orange RBasic Red F3BLSolvent Red 26Derma Green BSSolvent Red 25Basic Orange GSOLVENT RED 24Pigment Red 81Solvent Red 23Drilling FluidBasic Red DyesYellow PigmentAcid Brown MBLPigment Red 31Basic Red GTLNAcid Brown S-RAcid Yellow GLDirect Blue 2BPigment Red 23Automate Red BPrimesorb 1084Pigment Red 22Basic Red M-RLPigment Red 21Fine ChemicalsAldehyde ResinViolet PigmentAcid Blue DyesCrystal VioletRed Iron OxidePrimesorb 1577Neolan Red GRE3-PENTANEDIONEDirect Blue SZGlitter PowderSoaping PowderDirect Red DyeAcid Black BGLDirect Blue 7GAcid Yellow 2RDirect Blue 4GVat Orange 2RTChina PigmentsAcid Orange RNBlue Acid DyesVat Green DyesDerma Brown 5GVat Brown DyesVat Black DyesYellow CoatingSolvent Blue 5BENZOPHENONE-2Acid Orange 2RBenzophenone-9Acid Yellow PAAcid Brown PNRMordant Blue RAcid Blue E-RLAcid Yellow 74Acid Yellow GNAcid Yellow 4GAcid Scarlet RSolvent Red 14Direct Green BDirect Black GNeopen Red 355Acid Yellow 2GMordant Red 5GAcid Blue E-BLDisperse BlackDirect Brown MSulfur Blue BNAcid Violet 2RVat Brown GG-MDibenzanthroneDesizing AgentDirect Red 277Scouring AgentSalt Free DyesPigment VioletFluorol Red GKResin AdditiveLeveling AgentDirect Red BWSGlitter YellowAcid Black BRLAcid Orange GSAcid Blue BRLLAcid Orange 2GGlitter OrangeAntioxidant 24Reducing AgentSulphur Blue 5Acid Orange 3GAcid NigrosinePigment YellowDirect Pink 2BAcid Orange IIAcid Brown BRLAcid Black 10BAcid Brown 5GLAcid Brown ERNVat Yellow 3RTAnthra Grey BTGlitter SilverAcid Scarlet AAcid Green GLWAcid Yellow 3RVat Yellow 2GFVat Scarlet GGVat Yellow GCNAcid Green 5GWSulfer Blue CVIron Oxide RedBasic Orange 3RReactive Red RRAcid Brown M2RLPigment Red 101Acid Floxine NKOrganic PigmentBasic Orange GLPigment Blue 27Basic Red X-5GNPigment Blue 29Fast Yellow 10GReactive Red RBGlitter FuscousDisperse Blue BVictoria Blue BDirect Blue 3RLDirect Blue 2GLDirect Blue DyeQuinizarin BluePigment Red 104Neolan Black WAMordant Black AMalachite GreenAcid Yellow 4GNBasic Violet 3RAcid Rubine 5BLAcid Oliver BGLBismark Brown RAcid Red N-2RBLPigment Blue 28Bismark Brown GAcid Yellow LNWPigment Blue 15Water Based InkViolet Blue 3BLAcid Black MSRLAcid Yellow GRLMica Iron MetalCAS No.118-12-7Victoria Blue RAcid Scarlet FGAcid Yellow 3GPReactive Red 2GAcid Violet 5BNDirect Brown RLSavinyl Blue RSAcid Brown G-01Acid Violet FBLDirect Brown 3GAcid Blue PA-2RAcid Yellow NFGReactive Red 5BAcid Yellow A4RAcid Yellow 3RLReactive Red CEAcid Yellow 3GWReactive Red GNCoating & PaintReactive Red 6GAcid Yellow 2GLDirect Yellow GMordant Black TMordant Black RMorplas Blue 2RFilanmid Blue RPigment Red 195Acid Green DyesPigment Blue 60Polyamide ResinSolvent Red DyeFast Fire Red BPigment Black 7Palatin Pink BNDirect Blue 185Direct Blue BRLDirect Blue 4BLIsolan BordeauxIrganox MD 1024Acid Black DyesMordant Blue 41Direct Violet NVat Yellow DyesAhcovat Red FBBAcid Yellow 2RLAcid Fast Red APigment Red 168Direct Orange SDisperse Blue 3Vat Violet DyesPigment Red 181Water-Base InksAcid Sky Blue VDirect Red DyesDirect Green BLPaints PigmentsDirect Grey LBNDirect Black OBDirect Green BEDirect Grey CGLDirect Black SBDirect Grey 4GLSolvent Red 172Direct Black EXPigment Red 221Mordant Green JPigment White 6Acid Sky Blue AMordant Green GSolvent Red 197Direct Black FFMORDANT BLACK 9PVC StabilizersAcid Scarlet 3RScouring EnzymeSolvent Red 207Acid Blue CD-FGAcid Fast Red BSolvent Red 227Solvent Blue 70Solvent Blue 36ANTIOXIDANT 626Solvent Blue 45ANTIOXIDANT 300Solvent Blue 59Solvent Blue 78Solvent Blue 90Solvent Blue 97Solvent Green 3Direct Yellow RDirect Blue 3BRAcid Brown DyesLemon Yellow 4GPharmaceuticalsLevelling AgentSudan Yellow 3GSolvent Blue 35Pigment Blue 22Sulfur CompoundHindered PhenolSolvent Blue 11Solvent Red 122Solvent Red 132Acid Orange ALGAcid Orange 174Solvent Red 111Acid Yellow RXLAcid Orange AGTAcid Orange GSNSolvent Red 119Solvent Red 109Pigment Red 122Solvent Black 3Pigment Red 112Pigment Red 123Pigment Red 144Pigment Red 146Pigment Red 149Vat Yellow F3GCPigment Red 166Pigment Red 170Sulphol Green BPigment Red 175Phosphonic AcidPigment Red 177Disperse Red GSDisperse Red 5BDisperse Red 3BDisperse Red GGPigment Red 176Disperse Red GRBasic Blue DyesDisperse Red FBSulphur Red GGFFlame RetardantPigment Red 189Solvent Red 195Diresul Brown RSolvent Red 196Solvent Red 169Dynasul-Brown GCaledon Grey 3BSolvent Red 179Vat Bordeaux RRPigment Red 188Plastics Blue BDisperse Red 2GPigment Blue 65Light StablizerPigment Green 7Pigment Red 202Vat Orange DyesPigment Red 242BENZOPHENONE-12Pigment Red 208Solvent Green 5Pigment Red 254Pigment Red 184Solvent Red 218Pigment Red 169Pigment Red 255Solvent Red 168Pigment Red 185Solvent Red 151Pigment Red 264Pigment Red 190Pigment Red 266Defoaming AgentSudan Violet BRPigment Red 269Pigment Red 268Solvent Red FGASolvent Red 135Heat StabilizerPigment Red 272Solvent Red 146Pigment Black 11Dyeing AuxiliaryDirect Brown 422Reactive Red F-RDisperse Red 364Reactive Red 3BSAcid Bordeaux MBDirect Brown 102Pigment Violet 1Direct Orange GRGlitter Red R205Pigment Violet 2Antioxidant AT76Direct Violet MBEINECS 232-340-2Acid Bordeaux ELPigment Violet 3Acid Yellow S-2GPerylene ScarletPlastic AdditiveIron Oxide BlackDirect Rubine BLDirect Yellow PGUltramarine BlueIron Oxide BrownAcid Yellow M3RLGlitter Gold 105Pigment Green 17Direct Yellow GAPigment Green 50Molybdate OrangeBasic Yellow 8GLPigment Black 28Direct Blue 7RLLPigment Brown 29Glitter Red GoldDirect Yellow 6GPigment Red 52 2Basic Red SD-GRLDirect Yellow RBDirect Yellow RLDirect Yellow RSMethylene Blue BDirect Yellow GCVictoria Blue BODirect Yellow FFSolvent Blue 128Direct Orange 2RDirect Green 5GLAhcovat Khaki 2GSolvent Green 28Reactive Blue CEPigment Red 48 2Solvent Green 20Dispersing AgentDirect Brown GTLSolvent Blue 101Acid Blue MF-BLNBasic Pink SD-FGBasic Blue SD-BLGlitter Rich RedDirect Brown AGLReactive Black BPigment Red 57 1Reactive Navy CEPigment Red 48 4Pigment Red 63 1Direct Brown BRLPigment Red 53 1Reactive Blue 3GPigment Red 49 2Reactive Blue 3RAcid Fast Red 2BDyes For LeatherPigment Red 49 1Reactive Red RGBPigment Red 48 3Phosphites EsterGlitter Red R005Glitter Sky BluePigment Red 48 1Pigment Red 81 3Reactive Blue RRSolvent Yellow 2Acid Rhodamine BDirect Violet 5RSolvent Blue 104Direct Orange WSDirect Violet 66Solvent Blue 132Antioxidant TBM6Direct Violet 2BPigment Green 36Akavat Brown HRRPigment Orange 5Direct Blue FFRLSolvent Black 34Pigment Brown 25Solvent Blue 122Acid Violet 4BNSPigment Yellow 1Acid Navy Blue RPigment Yellow 3Pigment Brown 28Glitter Blue 404Neozapon Red 335Disperse Blue 6RNeozapon Red 346Direct Yellow GRSulphur Blue BRNSulphur Black BRNeolan Orange GRAcid Orange DyesHostaperm Pink EBasic Black DyesAcid Violet DyesSolvent Red DyesRhodamine B BaseVat Navy Blue BFAcid Yellow DyesMacrolex Blue RRLuganil Olive SGNaphthol Green BTectilon Red FRLDisperse Blue 78Basic Brown DyesMordant Red DyesOrganic PigmentsSofral Brown CGNTelon Red K-BRLLBasic Green DyesDirect Blue DyesDisperse Blue BNKeyplast Green BMordant Black PVMordant Brown KESolvent Orange 3Solvent Orange 7Vat Dark Blue BOMordant Blue 182Titanium DioxideSolvent Brown 53Neolan Yellow GRMordant Brown RHEinecs 261-257-4Acid Leather DyeMordant Orange RDisperse Blue FGVat Navy Blue BGMORDANT BLACK 11Food Yellow DyesSolvent Brown 43Benzotriazole BTMordant Pink 2BMMordant Yellow MSulphur Brown GBSolvent Black 27Synten Yellow 2GDisperse Blue 5GSulphur Black 2RPigment Orang 36Pigment Viole 19Hair Colors DyesDisperse Red SLKMordant Violet RDisperse Red BBLDisperse Red FBLPIGMENT RED 48:2ANTIOXIDANT 1425Direct Black SNARed Lake PigmentNatural PigmentsSulphur Red DyesEmulsions PaintsOracet Orange ESBase Wood PaintsLuganil Brown RLSolvent Orange GCoating PigmentsToluidine Red RnSulphur Indigo RAcid Black NB-GBPlastics PigmentMordant Orange GDECANEDIOIC ACIDPigment for WaterPigment Yellow 53Pigment Violet 32Pigment Yellow 12Sulphur Brown DyeThioindigo Pink RBasic Orange DyesPigment Violet 23Yellow Print InksSolvent Orange 63Solvent Yellow 82Glitter Dark GoldSulphur Blue DyesCoating AdditivesPigment Violet 29Solvent Yellow 93Pigment Violet 27Iron Oxide YellowPigment Yellow 13Pigment Orange 64Pigment Yellow 95Glitter Light RedSolvent Violet 11Pigment Yellow 93Solvent Violet 36Pigment Yellow 97LEUCO QUINIZARINEDynacidol Red 3BNMordant Blue DyesSolvent Violet 14Pigment Violet 19DIBENZOYL METHANEMordant Yellow GGSolvent Violet 26Plastive AdditiveSolvent Violet 31Discharging AgentPIGMENT ORANGE 72Cosmetics PigmentBASIC LIQUID DYESMordant Green 3BNMordant Yellow 3RSolvent Orange 45Solvent Orange 54Solvent Yellow 19Solvent Violet 37Pigment Yellow 14Pigment Orange 40Solvent Violet 59Vat Gold Orange GPolymer AdditivesDirect Black DyesPigment Yellow 17Green Leather DyeReactive Red DyesBasic Yellow DyesSolvent Yellow 21Solvent Yellow 79CAS No.29598-76-3Basic Violet DyesPigment Orange 73Solvent Yellow 62Vat Olive Green BDisperse Black GISolvent Orange 86Textile ChemicalsSolvent Orange 60Solvent Yellow 14Pigment Orange 70Disperse Blue 110Solvent Orange 62Solvent Orange 56Solvent Yellow 43Direct Brown DyesDefoamer SiliconeTextile AuxiliaryPigment Orange 71Pigment Yellow 62Solvent Yellow 44Solvent Yellow 72Cationic Red DyesSolvent Yellow 56Direct Green DyesSolvent Yellow 4GSolvent Yellow 98Disperse Red DyesSolvent Yellow 33Neopen Black X 55Pigment Yellow 65Solvent Blue DyesSolvent Yellow 16Pigment Orange 16Inorganic PigmentPigment Orange 34Pigment Yellow 42Pigment Orange 62Pigment Yellow 34Pigment Orange 43Glitter Cyan GoldPigment Orange 38Pigment Orange 36Pigment Orange 13Pigment Blue 15 0Pigment Yellow 74Disperse Blue GLFPigment Blue 15 6Glitter Pale GoldPigment Blue 15 4Glitter Laser RedDisperse Blue B-TGlitter Pink R209Solvent Violet 13Glitter Blue R405Glitter Pale BlueDirect Yellow DyePigment Yellow 81Glitter Brown 705Pigment Blue 15 2Glitter Black 905Pigment Blue 15 1Mordant Dyes BluePigment Blue 15 3Pigment Yellow 83Pigment Yellow 24Keyplast Blue BGPDisperse Pink 4BNC.I.ACID Blue 342Disperse Blue 113Neozapon Fire RedOBA For PolyesterDisperse Blue 357Acid Navy Blue GRReactive Blue RGBAcid Navy Blue 5RIrgalan Orange RLSolvent Based InkReactive Blue BRFAbsorbent UV-1577Disperse Rubine BMicrofiber Dyeing2-phenyl-1h-indolMettalan Orange RDisperse Red E-4BReactive Blue F-BBrilliant Pink RFC.I.Solvent Red 1C.I.Solvent Red 3Direct Orange 2GLDisperse Red S-ERRosaplast Red E22Polar Orange GRLSReactive Blue FBNALPHA-PHENYLINDOLReactive Red F-4BBasic Yellow M-RLRosaplast Blue 4GDirect Yellow 3GFDisperse Yellow GReactive Blue F-RDiaresin Yellow FCAS No.23128-74-7Solvent Yellow 77Lanacron Red S-3GKeyplast Yellow FDirect Orange 7GLAcid Yellow PA-2GC.I.Acid Blue 185Lanacron Olive SGDisperse Violet BReactive Black GROracet Yellow 8GFC.I.Acid Blue 317Thionone Green 3BBasic Yellow 7GLLZapon Fast Red BEAcid FluoresceineBasic Yellow M-GLC.I.Solvent Red 8Luganil Brown GOLDisperse Red SP-RNeozapon Blue 807Kayaset Blue K-FLBasic Blue SD-GSLSolvent Brown 2RLBasic Blue SD-GRLAstrazone Pink FGMacrolex Orange RReactive Black CE1 6 HexanediamineDisperse Orange GNeozapon Orange GCAS No. 6635-20-7Solvent Blue SP-BAcid Fast Brown RDirect Black E-SECAS NO.12224-41-8Acid Bordeaux GRLDirect Rubine 3BLAcid Deep Brown RAcidol Orange MRLAcid Yellow S-5GLWaxoline Green 5GMethylene Blue 2BCarbon-free PaperCAS No.14698-29-4Direct Bordeaux BDisperse Brown 3RDisperse Orange RAcid Dark Green BBrilliant Blue RLDirect Fast Red BANeozapon Orange REMordant Bordeaux BReactive Orange RGDeep Chrome YellowDisperse Black ECOCAS No. 12222-69-4Glitter Silver 001Mordant Yellow 2GNGlitter Green R503Acid Blue Dyes 342Sulphur Black DyesReactive Red M-RBEGlitter Peach BlowGlitter Laser GoldAcid Fast Violet RMethylene Blue 2BNSulphur Green DyesDirect Scarlet BNLWeather ResistanceOrgalon Orange 210Direct Scarlet F2GSolvent Yellow 114Disperse Orange 2RReactive Red KE-7BRosafast Orange MGLampronol Orange RDirect Sky Blue 5BReactive Red KE-3BGlitter Light GoldAcid Tartrazine NSPigment Yellow 184C.I.Solvent Blue 5Reactive Yellow CEPigment Yellow 109Solvent Black DyesSolvent Green DyesReactive Blue K-3RReactive Navy B-01Permanent Yellow GReactive Blue P-3RBasic Yellow X-2RLAcid Navy Blue S2BGlitter Dark BrownLanacron Brown SGRSandoplast Blue 2BSolvent Yellow 157Glitter HeliotropeAcid Blue Dyes 185Disperse Scarlet BOrient Oil Blue 2NReactive Yellow 4GMordant Black DyesReactive Red F-2BLSolvent Yellow 185Disperse Orange SFReactive Blue F-2RSolvent Yellow 176Disperse Blue 2BLNSolvent Yellow 163Solvent Yellow 167Oilfield ChemicalsDisperse Orange 3REstofil Blue S-RLSSolvent Yellow 145Disperse Blue S-GLAcid Scarlet F-3GLSandoplast Green GSolvent Yellow 104Acid Dyes For WoolAcid Dyes For SilkChrome Oxide GreenTransparent Red EGDisperse Dye BlackReactive Navy F-CNJacquard Acid DyesIrgalan Orange 2RLGlitter Light BlueAcidol Yellow M5RLReactive Red M-3BEReactive Red M-3BFReactive Blue KN-GReactive Yellow RRAcid Fast Blue P-LDisperse Red E-RLNTransparent Red GSPigment DispersionC.I.Solvent Red 27Disperse Yellow 5GPigment Yellow 192Reactive Blue M-BETHERMAL PAPER DYESMikethrene Brown GSulphur Black B/BRTransparent Red FBPirocard Brown CGNC.I.Disperse Red 9Solvent Brown DyesTransparent Red 2YSumiplast Red HL2BPlastics AdditivesC.I.Solvent Red 52Reactive Black WNNSulphur Brown DyesReactive Red 2M-8BSudan S Orange 261C.I.Solvent Red 49Pigment Yellow 188Pigment Yellow 191Transparent Red 3BC.I.Solvent Red 18Pigment Yellow 183For Latex ProductsNeozapon Yellow GGThermoplast Red BSPigment Yellow 181Fluorescent Red BKPigment Yellow 176Pigment Yellow 180Disperse Yellow 4GPaliofast Violet BDisperse Yellow 37Direct Orange DyesOptical BrightenerPigment Yellow 174Disperse Red H-BGLSolvent Yellow DyeDisperse Blue DyesPrinting AuxiliaryTransparent Red 2BMordant Brown DyesCheap Printer InksSolvent Based DyesDisperse Violet 2RLeather Dye ColorsVali Fast Red 3320Pigment Yellow 155Disperse Violet BAPigment Yellow 168Disperse Violet RLDisperse Blue SP-BC.I.Solvent Red 24Pigment Yellow 154Disperse Red SP-FBMordant Green DyesDisperse Rubine CBSolvent Orange 105Solvent Orange 107Disperse Red SP-RFReactive Blue DyesPigment Yellow 110Pigment Yellow 126Pigment Yellow 138Pigment Yellow 139Solvent Orange 116Pigment Yellow 150C.I.Solvent Red 26Solvent Based InksC.I.Solvent Red 25Direct Violet DyesDirect Yellow DyesC.I.Solvent Red 23Pigment Yellow 147Cationic Blue DyesPigment Yellow 151Vat Olive Green 2BDirect Yellow ARLEVat Gold Yellow RKDirect Flavin 7GFEC.I.Disperse Red 11Polysynthren Blue RAcid Fast Black M-BC.I.Solvent Blue 11Pigment Yellow 10 GDisperse Violet 5BSC.I.Solvent Blue 90Naviplast Blue 2RCSBrown Dye C.I.53335Intraplast Black RLDisperse Violet 3RLCationic Black DyesMordant Pure Blue BC.I.Solvent Blue 70Fibre Reactive DyesC.I.Solvent Blue 59C.I.Solvent Green 3Cipigment Yellow 12Cheap Printing InksLight Stablizer1084C.I.Solvent Blue 45Offset Printing InkPermanent Yellow HRCAS NO.: 59572-10-0Plastic AntioxidantC.I.Solvent Blue 97C.I.Solvent Green 5Antioxidant LK-1081Pharmaceutical DyesDisperse Yellow GWLDisperse Blue W-BLSDisperse Navy GRL-CDisperse Green C-6BVat Direct Black DBFluorescent PigmentDisperse Orange H3RPigments for PaintsSolvent Yellow DyesDisperse Yellow FGPSolvent Violet DyesSolvent Orange DyesTextile AuxiliariesC.I.Solvent Red 164Eclipse Sky Blue GYDisperse Blue S-BGLPigment for CoatingNail Glitter PowderFluorescent Red H5BDisperse Orange GLXC.I. Sulfur Black 1Disperse Orange GLSC.I.Solvent Red 109Disperse Orange S-GPearlescent PigmentC.I.Solvent Red 111C.I.Solvent Blue 36Sulphur Yellow DyesDisperse Scarlet 5GWaxoline Blue AP FWC.I.Solvent Red 119Sulphur Dark Blue VSulphur Orange DyesC.I.Solvent Red 135C.I.Solvent Red 207Reactive Red 2KE-7BReactive Green F-BLReactive Yellow RGBC.I.Solvent Red 149C.I.Solvent Red 146Fluorescent Red HFGDisperse Red SP-4BNC.I.Solvent Red 151Transparent Blue 2NReactive Orange F-RTransparent Red KLBC.I.Solvent Red 168Glitter Laser GreenC.I.Solvent Red 169Glitter Lilac WhiteC.I.Solvent Red 172Reactive Green DyesGlitter Grass GreenReactive Black DyesDisperse Blue SP-BLC.I.Solvent Red 195Polysynthren Red BBReactive Brown DyesC.I.Solvent Red 179Transparent Red E2GReactive Blue K-GRSReactive Blue KE-2BSpectra-Sorb UV 284Reactive Blue HE-RDC.I.Solvent Red 196Oleosol Fast Red BLGlitter Orange GoldC.I.Solvent Red 132Glitter Yellow R105Disperse Green DyesDisperse Brown DyesGlitter Dark BronzeGlitter Fuscous 802Disperse Black DyesC.I.Solvent Red 197Glitter Orange R206Glitter Purple R305Glitter Green BlackDirect Pink Red 12BMordant Yellow DyesMordant Violet DyesGlitter Light RougeMordant Orange DyesGlitter Golden-BlueAcid Dyes For PaperDirect Congo Red 4BC.I.Solvent Red 218Vali Fast Pink 2310Glitter Apple GreenNeozapon Yellow 157Rosafast Yellow M3RC.I.Solvent Red 227Reactive Brown K-GRSavinyl Yellow 2RLSSavinyl Yellow 2GLSGlitter Pink PurpleGlitter Laser BlackSulphure Black DyesReactive Black K-BRBasic Yellow SD-5GLIndanthren Olive MWC.I.Solvent Blue 35Glitter Pastel BlueGlitter Pearl WhiteGlitter Laser LilacDisperse Blue SP-6RC.I.Solvent Red 122Finishing AuxiliaryGlitter Glass WhiteLemon Chrome YellowPolycorBordeaux 2BSCationic Yellow 4GLCationic Yellow 46LReactive Black KN-BDirect Fast Red 4BLReactive Blue KE-GNCationic Yellow 5GLReactive Yellow 6GSLight Chrome YellowZapon Fast Yellow RGlitter Laser AzureReactive Blue M-2GEDynacidol Scarlet AReactive Blue M-2GRGlitter Light GreenReactive Blue KN-RSReactive Blue M-BRETurquoise Blue X-GBReactive Yellow 3RSBasic Yellow 4RL-EDCatonic Yellow X-6GGlitter Yellow GoldReactive Scarlet 3GDirect Red Brown MMGlitter Bronze GoldCationic Yellow 3GLBasic Dyes For PaperAcetate Fiber DyeingPalanthrene Blue CLFNovatic Brown LBG MDOleosol Fast Pink FBDisperse Yellow E-GLAcid Milling Blue GWAcid Milling Blue BWReactive Orange H-2RResolin Dark Blue 5RDisperse Orange DyesTransparent Yellow GDisperse Yellow E-2GFood Dyes TartrazineFluorescent Yellow YDisperse Violet P-4RReactive Yellow DyesCationic Violet DyesDisperse Yellow DyesDisperse Violet DyesOffset Printing InksScreen Printing InksIndanthrene Khaki GGIndanthrene Black BBDisperse Yellow E-3GReactive Violet DyesCationic Yellow DyesC.I.Solvent Yellow 2Yellow Reactive DyesSulphur Vat Blue GNXReactive Orange DyesLight Stabilizer 622Turquoise Blue SD-GBDisperse Violet HFRLDirect Fast Blue RGLReactive Orange KE-RGlitter Laser PurpleDisperse Brown SP-BNDisperse Black EX-SFReactive Orange P-3RBlue CAS 105478-31-7Permanent Yellow HREReactive Yellow F-2RPhoto-stabilizer 944C.I.Disperse Blue 14Glitter Sky Blue 406Reactive Yellow K-RNDisperse Blue SE-BLFCelliton Fast Blue BReactive Yellow P-5GLiquid Cationic DyesGlitter Pastel GreenPolysynthren Brown RReactive Scarlet 2GFGlitter Laser OrangeNatural Textile DyesC.I.Solvent Green 20Navinon Yellow 3RTSDDispersol Brown C 3GCrystal InterferenceDisperse Rubine MGFLIndanthrene BordeauxIndanthren Scarlet RCrystal Silver WhiteQuinacridone MagentaGlitter Laser SilverC.I.Disperse Blue 72Reactive Yellow K-3GGlitter Jardin AiresDisperse Brown S-2RLDisperse Brown S-3RLMiddle Chrome YellowC.I.Solvent Green 28Acid Fast Green 5GLWReactive Green KE-4BC.I.Solvent Blue 101Disperse Black S-2BLAcid Brilliant Red BC.I.Solvent Blue 104C.I.Solvent Orange 3Glitter Light BronzeGlitter Red Gold 102Disperse Black S-3BLGlitter Magic PurpleC.I.Solvent Black 34C.I.Solvent Blue 122Disperse Black S-4BLReactive Yellow X-7GAcid Dark Brown S-GRGlitter Green PurpleSpeciality ChemicalsPigment for PlasticsC.I.Solvent Blue 128Glitter Golden-GreenC.I.Solvent Blue 132Reactive Yellow X-6GC.I.Solvent Black 29Orient Oil Black HBBReactive Green KE4BDDisperse Orange R-SFDisperse Orange S-LFReactive Violet K-3RDisperse Orange 3RLFC.I.Solvent Black 27Direct Light Rose FRReactive Yellow KN-GAcid Golden Yellow GDisperse Orange S-RLReactive Orange HE4RMordant Fast Blue BLMordant Navy Blue RLC.I.Solvent Brown 43Pigment Yellow 191 1C.I.Solvent Orange 7Basic Rhodamine 6GDNC.I.Solvent Brown 53Glitter Light YellowCarbon Black PigmentLanacron Yellow S-2GLanacron Orange S-2RC.I.Solvent Violet 14C.I.Solvent Yellow 98Textile Dye AuxiliaryReactive Yellow M-3REDefoamer Non-SiliconeDirect Fast Black VSFFluorescent Yellow 3GReactive Navy Blue BFZapon Fast Yellow 3REReactive Yellow P-6GLColour & PigmentationC.I.Solvent Yellow 93C.I.Solvent Yellow 79High Washing FastnessPigment for CosmeticsTransparent Orange 3GC.I.Solvent Orange 60C.I.Solvent Orange 63C.I.Solvent Orange 86Acid Brilliant Red GWLanacron Bordeaux S-BPrinting Ink AdditiveModified Maleic ResinAcid Neutral Green GKDirect Copper Blue 2BTransparent Yellow HGDirect Copper Blue 2RDirect Fast Blue B2RLDyes For Writting InkCationic Yellow X-GRLVali Fast Yellow 4120Transparent Yellow 5RTransparent Yellow 3GC.I.Solvent Yellow 62C.I.Solvent Yellow 72C.I.Solvent Yellow 82Direct Fast Yellow RLVat Dyes ManufacturerReactive Turq.Blue 3GC.I.Disperse Violet 1Indanthren Yellow 5GFDynathrene Yellow 5GFGlitter Dark Gold 104Disperse Orange S-3GLGlitter Pale Gold 109C.I.Solvent Orange 62C.I.Solvent Violet 13Basic Rhodamine BL-EDC.I.Solvent Orange 56Sulphur Dark Brown GDIndanthren Yellow GGFGlitter Cyan Gold 108C.I.Solvent Violet 11C.I.Solvent Yellow 56Dycosthren Bordeaux RTransparent Yellow 3RVat Brilliant Red FBBC.I.Solvent Orange 54Textile Reactive DyesPrinting Ink IndustryIndanthren Yellow 3RTFluorescent WhiteningDisperse Violet SP-2RPlastics Solvent DyesBasic Brilliant Red BDispersol Brown 3G-PCSulphur Brill Green GDisperse Scarlet 3GFLC.I.Solvent Orange 45Gravure Printing InksC.I.Solvent Yellow 19Paper Dyes IndustriesResin Color DeveloperTransparent Violet RRSulphur Direct Blue BTransparent Violet RLC.I.Solvent Yellow 44Sulphur Olive Green DIndanthren Olive T-MWGlitter Bright SilverReactive Violet KN-4RC.I.Solvent Violet 26C.I.Solvent Violet 31C.I.Solvent Yellow 43Direct Dyes for PaperVictoria Pure Blue BOPermanent Hair ColorsC.I.Solvent Yellow 33Indanthren Blue T-CLFC.I.Solvent Yellow 21Optical Brightener 71Glitter Purplish BlueC.I.Solvent Yellow 16Glitter Sky Blue R406Acid Brilliant Red 3BAcid Fast Navy Blue GGlitter Pale Blue 410Reactive Orange KE-2GC.I.Solvent Yellow 14Textile Printing InksOptical Brightener PFFluorescent Yellow 8GMordant Blue Black BCOleosol Fast Black RLGlitter Bluish VioletGlitter Pastel YellowGlitter Powder ColorsGlitter Rich Red R204Transparent Violet 3RC.I.Solvent Violet 59C.I.Disperse Blue 134Glitter Golden-PurpleC.I.Solvent Violet 36Transparent Violet 2BAcid Brilliant Blue GC.I.Solvent Violet 37Disperse Yellow Se-FlReactive Scarlet F-6GGlitter Bright VioletOrganic Green PigmentSulphur Red Brown B3RAcid Milling Blue 2RWC.I.Solvent Yellow 104Glitter Light Red R006Blue Dyes ViolanthronePigment Dispersion R33Pigment Dispersion RedAcid Brilliant Blue 6BTransparent Yellow 2GHTransparent Scarlet GRDirect Fast Orange 7GLGlitter Light Blue 408Disperse Orange SE-RFLDisperse Navy Blue HGLDisperse Orange SE-3RLC.I.Disperse Orange 25Direct Drak Green 2BNBSulphur Bright Green APigment Dispersion R12Pigment Dispersion R35C.I.Solvent Orange 105Solvent-Based Ink DyesC.I.Disperse Yellow 97Pretreatmnet AuxiliaryDisperse Orange S-4GLXDisperse Orange S-3RFLC.I.Solvent Orange 107Pigment Dispersion M-OC.I.Solvent Yellow 157Direct Fast Black ANBNVat Brilliant Green 3BGlitter Dark Brown 703Neptun Orange Base 206C.I.Solvent Orange 116Transparent Violet FBLC.I.Solvent Yellow 163Vat Brilliant Green 2GPigment Dispersion R22Pigment Dispersion M-BTransparent Yellow 167Glitter Light Sky BluePigment Dispersion MixAcid Brilliant Blue RLDiacetate Fiber DyeingIndanthrene Yellow GCNPigment Dispersion R16Disperse Rubine SE-GFLDisperse Red Violet 17C.I.Solvent Yellow 167Transparent Yellow HLRC.I.Solvent Yellow 114Disperse Blue SP-BL360Pigment Dispersion R21Pigment Dispersion R36Transparent Yellow 3GLDisperse Turq Blue HGLC.I.Disperse Violet 31C.I.Solvent Yellow 176C.I.Solvent Yellow 145Sulphur Light Yellow GC.I.Solvent Yellow 185Reactive Navy Blue RGBRed Dyes Mordant Red 3Fluorescent Yellow 10GAcid Brilliant Blue FGLABOTEST-BB LT00261277Disperse Yellow SP-E2GDirect Scarlet Red 4BEGlitter Light Gold 106Basic Brilliant Red BNOptical Brightener 353Direct DyesDirect DyesAzosol Fast Yellow GRAOptical Brightener 140Optical Brightener 199Basic Methyl Violet 2BTitanium Dioxide PriceOptical Brightener 135Optical Brightener 363Optical Brightener 113Optical Brightener 134Reactive Yellow ME-4GLPrinting Ink AdditivesOptical Brightener 351Glitter Heliotrope 313Optical Brightener 191Optical Brightener 184Optical Brightener 185Reactive Dark Blue K-RDirect Chrysophenine GEuropean Printing InksFine Chemical AdditiveReactive Navy Blue K-ROptical Brightener 367Rainbow Glitter PowderDirect Fast Sky Blue GSuperior Printing InksOptical Brightener 378Optical Brightener 393Pigment for Offset InkReactive Scarlet M-2GEOptical Brightener 368Dihydroxy AcetophenoneVat Brilliant Violet BPretreatment AuxiliaryDirect Fast Yellow 5GLGlitter Laser Red L205Glitter Pink Purple 308Sulphur Light Yellow GCDisperse Orange SE-2FLSPaper Dyes ApplicationsPigment Dispersion M-GNSulphur Yellow Brown 5GPigment Dispersion M-BSAcid Brilliant Blue RAWREACTIVE DYES FOR NYLONPigment Dispersion M-HRPigment Dispersion M-GROptical Brightener DyesPigment Dispersion 4400Vat Brilliant Blue 5RLCGlitter Light Red JR006Pigment Dispersion HH-BGlitter Light Rouge 310Pigment Dispersion HH-GPigment Dispersion E-2BDisperse Orange HRD-2RLDisperse Scarlet S-BWFLAcid Brilliant Violet RPolyester Brightener DTGlitter Green Black 907Pigment Dispersion E-HROptical Brightener OB-1Glitter Pastel Red GoldGlitter Dark Bronze 604Reactive Navy Blue KE-RGlitter Orange Gold 602Glitter Apple Green 507Glitter Laser Lake BlueGlitter Peach Blow R208Pigment Dispersion NavyPigment Dispersion E-HTReactive Brill.Blue F-GDirect Fast Scarlet 4BSGlitter Grass Green 505Dupont Titanium DioxideRutile Titanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide PowderFor Solid Matter DyeingDisperse Navy Blue S-2GGlitter Pearl White 004Pigment Dispersion M-RHDisperse Scarlet S-3GFLGlitter Glass White 005Pigment Dispersion M-50Pigment Dispersion HH-RPigment Dispersion M-TSFor Water-Base ProductsPigment Dispersion M-RLPalatin Fast Yellow GRNCrystal Mica Iron MetalPigment Dispersion PD-RPigment Dispersion BlueGlitter Yellow Gold 103Pigment Dispersion E 11Acid Brilliant Blue 5GMDirect Yellow Brown P3GReactive Dyes ChemistryBasic Brill. Red SD-5GNGlitter Bronze Gold 107Glitter Laser Gold L105Basic Methyl Violet 5BNCatonic Dark Yellow 2RLVat Brilliant Orange GRAcid Brilliant Blue 7BFPigment Dispersion PD-GGlitter Laser Dark GoldWater And Oil RepellentReactive Brill.Red K-2GGlitter Laser Azure L406Reactive Red Brown K-B3RGlitter Laser Black L905Acid Milling Yellow N-SHReactive Brill.Red KE-3BReactive Brill.Red KE-7BReactive Brill.Blue K-3RGlitter Laser Green L506Glitter Light Bronze 606Glitter Lilac White R004Acid Brilliant Yellow 6GReactive Brill.Blue K-GRGlitter Apple Green R507Glitter Light Green R508Reactive Brill.Red K-2BPGlitter Laser Lilac L307Glitter Jardin Aires 118Pigment Dispersion BrownTextile Dyes & AuxiliaryPigment Dispersion MJ-ORPigment Dispersion MJ-2RPigment Dispersion E0080Indanthrene Navy Blue BFPigment Dispersion E0060Pigment Dispersion HH-BCPigment Dispersion M-100Pigment Dispersion M-200Pigment Dispersion E6000Pigment Dispersion MJ-RECoating and Printing InkPigment Dispersion M-500Direct Brilliant Blue BLPigment Dispersion M-400Pigment Dispersion MJ-PEPigment Dispersion MJ-2GPigment Dispersion BlackPigment Dispersion MJ-GRPigment Dispersion MJ-YLPigment Dispersion E6100Palanthrene Navy Blue BFPigment Dispersion MJ-RLPharmaceuticals SupplierCALCIUM ACETYL ACETONATEPigment Dispersion E2300Pigment Dispersion GreenPowder Coating AdditivesPigment Dispersion PaintPigment Dispersion MJ-GNPigment Dispersion M-BSHPigment Dispersion E-A3BPigment Dispersion MJ-BKPHOTOLUMINESCENT PIGMENTReactive Navy Blue M-2GEPigment Dispersion M-F6BPigment Dispersion M-FGRFine Specialty ChemicalsPigment Dispersion PD-HRPigment Dispersion E1500Vat Brilliant Orange KkhPigment Dispersion M-B2GSolvent Green SpecialityPigment Dispersion E2650Pigment Dispersion PD-RLPigment Dispersion CA453Pigment Dispersion E1600Pigment Dispersion M-F3BPigment Dispersion PD-BLPigment Dispersion PD-GRPigment Dispersion M-A2RPigment Dispersion PD-2BPhoto-stabilizer BW-10LDPigment Dispersion E0150Pigment Dispersion E8120Pigment Dispersion M-300Pigment Dispersion E8800Pigment Dispersion HH-RCPigment Dispersion WhiteReactive Brill. Red X-3BPlastics Organic PigmentPigment Dispersion HH-6BReactive Brill. Red X-8BDisperse Turq Blue S-BLNPigment Dispersion MJ-HRPigment Dispersion E1350Pigment Dispersion CA283Pigment Dispersion CA214Pigment Dispersion CA217Acid PolycorBordeaux 2BSPigment Dispersion MJ-BUPigment Dispersion MJ-BAPigment Dispersion E5350Pigment Dispersion E4300Pigment Dispersion HH-GCCosmetics Yellow PigmentPigment Dispersion CA 212Pigment Dispersion CA 213Pigment Dispersion CA 653Pigment Dispersion P 8170Pigment Dispersion P 6150Disperse Yellow Brown RELPigment Dispersion CA 870Pigment Dispersion P 2830Pigment Dispersion E7800HGlitter Bright Violet 311Pigment Dispersion CA 100Pigment Dispersion P 2140Pigment Dispersion CA 503Direct Brilliant Blue 6BSPigment Dispersion CA 523Pigment Dispersion CA 492Acid Brilliant Yellow 3GLPigment Dispersion CA 481Glitter Golden-Blue JR008Pigment Dispersion VioletAcidal Brilliant Blue M5GPigment Dispersion CA 488Pigment Dispersion CA 491Pigment for Printing InksReactive Navy Blue KE-4BDPigment Dispersion CA 483Pigment Dispersion CA 482Pigment Dispersion CA 469Fluorescent Brightener 75Pigment Dispersion CA 468Pigment Dispersion PD-FGRPigment Dispersion CA 457Pigment Dispersion PD-F2RGlitter Bluish Violet 312Resin for Ink and CoatingPigment Dispersion PD-FBBPigment Dispersion CA 422Optical Brightener LiquidPigment Dispersion CA 402Pigment Dispersion PD-V3RPigment Dispersion CA 346Pigment Dispersion PD-2GCPigment Dispersion CA 416Pigment Dispersion CA 322Pigment Dispersion CA 413Pigment Dispersion CA 405Acid Brilliant Scarlet GRBasic Golden Yellow SD-GLAkasol Chrysoidine Y BaseReactive Brill. Blue KN-RPigment Dispersion P 0070Reactive Red Brown KM-B3RReactive Brill. Blue X-BRGlitter Laser Silver L001Disperse Discharge Blue RPigment Dispersion P 0080Reactive Brill.Yellow 4GLPigment Dispersion P 6153Pigment Dispersion P 3120Pigment Dispersion P 4130Ultraviolet Absorbent 360Pigment Dispersion P 3080Pigment Dispersion CA 650Pigment Dispersion P 3022Pigment Dispersion P 3170Pigment Dispersion P 3146Pigment Dispersion E 2600Pigment Dispersion E 2700Pigment Dispersion OrangeAcid Brilliant Sky Blue RPigment Dispersion P 5030Glitter Purplish Blue 402Pigment Dispersion P 5620Pigment Dispersion CA 060Pigment Dispersion P 2030Benzadone Direct Black RBPigment Dispersion E6200MPigment Dispersion CA 058Semipermanent Hair ColorsPigment Dispersion CA 055Pigment Dispersion E6200H44BIS2BENZOXAZOYLSTILBENEPigment Dispersion CA 050Glitter Laser Orange L206Pigment Dispersion YellowGlitter Laser Dark PurplePigment Dispersion E 2180Pigment Dispersion E 2120Pigment Dispersion E 1650Pigment Dispersion E 1300Glitter Bright Silver 006Pigment Dispersion E 1200Glitter Laser Purple L305Fluorescent Disperse DyesFluorescent Brightener 52Pigment Dispersion HH-2RCFluorescent Brightener 71Astrazon Brilliant Red 4GGlitter Light Yellow R106Glitter Laser Apple GreenDirect Blend Rubzne D-RLLAcid Brilliant Violet 10BGlitter Pastel Blue JR405Pigment Dispersion HH-5GCPigment Dispersion HH-2GCPigment Dispersion HH-FBCPigment Dispersion HH-3RCPigment Dispersion HH-GRCPigment Dispersion HH-FGRGlitter Laser Dark BronzeReactive Brilliant Red 222Fluorescent Brightener 135Fluorescent Brightener 260Fluorescent Brightener 113Direct Brilliant Yellow 2GFluorescent Brightener 134Fluorescent Brightener 191Fluorescent Brightener 199Glitter Laser Light PurpleThrene Brilliant Violet 3BFluorescent Brightener 363Fluorescent Brightener 184Intermediate of MelatonineFluorescent Brightener 140Fluorescent Brightener 185Fluorescent Brightener 367Developer of Thermal PaperReactive Dark Green KE-4BDFluorescent Brightener 351Glitter Golden-Purple R008Fluorescent Brightener 368Fluorescent Brightener 353Glitter Golden-Green JR007Fluorescent Brightener 378Glitter Pastel Green JR505Reactive Brill.Yellow K-4GReactive Brill.Orange K-7RReactive Golden Yellow RGBFluorescent Brightener 393Reactive Brill.Yellow K-6GSulphur Blackish Green 511Glitter Light Sky Blue 412Fluorescence Orange Red GGFluorescent Brightener KSNIntermediate of OmeprazolePigment Dispersion Red R21Recycled Plastic AdditivesGlitter Green Purple JR005Glitter Magic Purple JR004Pigment for Powder CoatingReactive Yellow Brown K-GRIntermediate of EntacaponeLemon Chrome Yellow PigmentProcion Fiber Reactive DyesGlitter Pastel Purplish RedGlitter Laser Sapphire BlueReactive Dyes ManufacturersReactive Brilliant Red X-3BDisperse Brilliant Pink RELSulfur Compound AntioxidantDisperse Yellow Brown S2RFLDisperse Polyester Blue 3RTPrinting Inks ManufacturersReactive Brilliant Red K4BCReactive Brilliant Red K-BCReactive Turquoise Blue M-GReactive Golden Yellow KN-GOrganic Pigment For PlasticReactive Turquoise Blue BGFTextile Auxiliary ChemicalsPigment Dispersion SyndromeGlitter Pastel Yellow JR105Reactive Brilliant Red K-2GPigment Dispersion GlaucomaAqueous Pigment DispersionsReactive Brill. Yellow X-7GReactive Brill. Yellow X-6GCationic Golden Yellow X-GLAcid Brilliant Sky Blue GLWDisperse Dyes For PolyesterPigment Dispersion PD-TV 201Pigment Dispersion PD-TB 101Pigment Dispersion PD-TV 301Reactive Brilliant Red KE-4BGlitter Laser Dark Gold L104Sensitizer for Thermal PaperPigment Dispersion PD-TV 202Pigment Dispersion PD-TB 102Raw Material or IntermediatePigment Dispersion Red E-A3BReactive Brilliant Blue K-3RReactive Brilliant Blue K-4RGlitter Laser Lake Blue L407Optical Brightening Agent ERFlavanthrone CAS NO.475-71-8Reactive Turquoise Blue KN-GIndanthrene Direct Black APBReactive Turquoise Blue K-GRPlastic Antioxidant AdditivePigment DispersionRed CA 317C.I.Solvent Green SpecialityReactive Brilliant Blue X-RLReactive Brilliant Blue K-RLDisperse Yellow Brown SE-4BRPigment Dispersion Red E 3250Pigment Dispersion Red E 3450Low Temperature Plastisol InkDisperse Brilliant Red SE-2BFPigment Dispersion Red E 3500Pigment Dispersion Red E 3333Reactive Turquoise Blue KM-GBPigment Dispersion Orange M-OReactive Brilliant Blue X-ARLGlitter Pastel Red Gold JR205Pigment Dispersion Orange R16Disperse Brilliant Red SE-5GLPigment Dispersion Red E 3600C.I.Solvent Black 3 C.I.26150Pigment Dispersion Red E 4120Pigment Dispersion Yellow R12Pigment Dispersion Red E 4180Reactive Brilliant Blue ME-BRPigment Dispersion Red E 3350Indanthren Printing Brown HRROptical Brightening Agent EBFCationic Brilliant Yellow 7GLReactive Blue Brilliant KN-RSTitanium Dioxide for MedicineFor Exterior Emulsions PaintsReactive Blue Brilliant K-3RLWater Base Fracturing PolymerC.I.Solvent Blue 35 C.I.61554Direct Fast Turquoise Blue GLPigments for Paints & CoatingReactive Brilliant Blue KE-GNFluorescent Brightener FP-127Glitter Laser Light Purple L30Textile AuxiliariesTextile AuxPigment Dispersion Blue E 7800Glitter Laser Sapphire Blue L4Glitter Laser Apple Green L507Antibiotic Pharmaceutical DyesPigment Dispersion Blue E 6200Disperse Fluorescent Yellow IIGlitter Laser Dark Purple L304Pigment Dispersion Yellow M-GRGlitter Pastel Purplish Red JRFenanthren Brilliant Yellow 3GPigment Dispersion Brown E9000Pigment Dispersion Yellow E-HRPigment Dispersion Black E0150Inorganic Photochromic PigmentPigment Dispersion Yellow E-HTPigment Dispersion Violet E 53Pigment Dispersion Violet E 56Pigment Dispersion Yellow M-HRGlitter Laser Dark Bronze L604Direct Fast Turquoise Blue FBLPigment Dispersion Orange E 45Pigment Dispersion Violet PD-TCalcogene Brilliant Blue 3G-CFC.I.Solvent Blue 78 C.I. 61500Organic Pigment For Offset InkReactive Brilliant Yellow K-4GLPearlescent Mica Paint PigmentsPigment Dispersion Yellow MJ-YLChemicals for Carbon-free PaperPigment Dispersion Yellow MJ-GRPigment Dispersion Yellow MJ-2GPigment Dispersion Yellow P2030Color Formers for Thermal PaperPigment Dispersion Yellow E1600Pigment Dispersion Yellow E1350Direct Brilliant Paper Yellow CPigment Dispersion Yellow P2830Pigment Dispersion Yellow P2140Pigment Dispersion Yellow CA214Mica-Based Pearlescent PigmentsSalt Free Dyes For Writting InkPigment Dispersion Yellow E2650Polyamide Resin Alcohol-SolubleReactive Brilliant Yellow SP-8GPigment Dispersion Yellow HH-RCPolyamide Resin Benzene-SolublePigment Dispersion Yellow HH-5GCPigment Dispersion Yellow E 1100Pigment Dispersion Yellow P 2830Pigment Dispersion Yellow P 2030Pigment Dispersion Yellow HH-2GCPigment Dispersion Yellow P 2140For Flexography and Gravure InksPigment Dispersion Yellow CA 213Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 1200Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 1300Pigment Dispersion Yellow CA 212Fluorescent Tracer Leak DetectorPigment Dispersions for CosmeticsPigment Dispersion Blue PD-TB 102Pigment Dispersion Blue PD-TB 101Coating and Printing Ink AdditivesOptical Brightener Liquid For PaperOrganic Pigment For Coating & PaintOrganic Pigment For Water Based InkPigment Dispersion Violet PD-TV 201Optical Brightener Dyes ApplicationsNALCO PTSA in Water Treatment System1-3-3-trimethyl-2-methylene IndolineOrganic Pigment For Solvent Based InkIntermediates for Permanent Hair ColorsPearlescent Pigment For Coating & PaintDuasyn Black Neozapon Black Vali Fast BlackCalcium Acetylacetonate (CAS No.19372-44-2)
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