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  • Dynasty Chemicals (NingBo) Co., Ltd.

  •  [Zhejiang,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer , Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Main Mark: Worldwide , Africa , Americas , Asia , Europe , Middle East , Oceania
  • Exporter:71% - 80%
  • Certs:ISO9001
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Dynasty Chemicals (NingBo) Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Dynasty Chemicals Ningbo Co Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of dyestuffs pigments and speciality chemicals auxiliaries for textile plastics coating inks industry Since our establishment in 1998 we ve rapidly expanded our market to over 40countries in Asia Europe America and Africa over the years Based on our team of dedicated professionals well equipped QC laboratory and continuous R D investment we supply high performance eco friendly colors and chemicals as well as good technical service to our customers Our laboratory is equipped with modern testing devices that provide extensive analysis for most of our customer s requests Before delivery all the batches are tested and compared to...

Categories and Products


Disperse Dyes

Dynaspers Black 3G Dynaspers Black LSH Dynaspers Black EX-SF Dynaspers Black ECO Dynaspers Black GI Dynaspers Black S-2BL Dynaspers Black S-3BL Dynaspers Black S-4BL Dynaspers Blue FFR Dynaspers Blue B Dynaspers Blue GLF Dynaspers Blue B-T Dynaspers Blue 2BLN Dynaspers Turq Blue HGL Dynaspers Blue 60:2 Dynaspers Blue 63 Dynaspers Blue 6R Dynaspers Blue S-BGL Dynaspers Blue SE-BLF Dynaspers Navy Blue HGL 

Acid Dyes

Dynacidol Black 10B Dynacidol Nigrosine Dynacidol Black BR Dynacidol Black NB Dynacidol Fast Black M-B Dynacidol Grey BL Dynacidol Black BRL Dynacidol Black NT Dynacidol Black BD Dynacidol Black NB-GB Dyneutral Yellow 2GL Dyneutral Yellow GRL Dyneutral Yellow 4R Dyneutral Yellow GL Dyneutral Yellow LNW Dyneutral Yellow S-5GL Dyneutral Yellow M3RL Dyneutral Yellow S-2G Dynacidol Black NB Dyneutral Violet BL 

Mordant Dyes

Dynachrome Black A Dynachrome Blue Black BC Dynachrome Brown KE Dynachrome Brown RH Dynachrome Green J Dynachrome Green G Dynachrome Black PBB Dynachrome Black PV Dynachrome Black T Dynachrome Black R Dynachrome Pure Blue B Dynachrome Blue R Dynachrome Navy Blue RL Dynachrome Fast Blue BL Dynachrome Blue 41 Dynachrome Blue 182 Dynachrome Green 3BN Dynachrome Orane R Dynachrome Orane G Dynachrome Red S 

Basic/Cationic Dyes

Dynacryl Black SD-O Dynacryl Black SD-RL Dynacryl Blue SD-GRL Dynacryl Blue SD-GSL Dynacryl Black X-O Dynacryl Turquoise Blue X-GB DynacrylVictoria Blue BO Dynacryl Brown G Dynacryl Brown R Dynacryl Green GH Dynacryl Malachite Green Dynacryl Orange 54L Dynacryl Orange GL Dynacryl Red B Dynacryl Red P Dynacryl Violet 2 Dynacryl Violet Red 6B Dynacryl Yellow 3GL Dynacryl Yellow 8GL Dynacryl Black X-2RL 

Reactive Dyes

Dynasol Yellow 4G Dynasol Orange RG Dynazol Blue F-R Dynazol Red F-R Dynactive Brill.Red K-2G Dynactive Brill.Red K-2BP Dynactive Brill.Orange K-GN Dynasol Scarlet 3G Dynasol Red 6G Dynasol Red 2G Dynasol Red GN Dynasol Red B Dynasol Red 5B Dynasol Red CE Dynasol Blue 3R Dynasol Blue 3G Dynasol Turq.Blue 3G Dynasol Navy B-01 Dynasol Blue CE Dynasol Navy CE 

Direct Dyes

Direct Black 1 Dyrect Black FF Dyrect Grey D Dyrect Black G Dyrect Fast Black VSF Dyrect Black EX Dyrect Grey LBN Dyrect Grey 4GL Dyrect Black OB Dyrect Grey CGL Dyrect Fast Black ANBN Dyrect Black SB Dyrect Black E-SE Dyrect Brilliant Blue 6BS Dyrect Blue 2B Dyrect Sky Blue 5B Dyrect Blue 3RL Dyrect Fast Blue RGL Dyrect Fast Blue B2RL Dyrect Blue 2GL 

Sulphur Dyes

Dynasul Liquid Blue BN Dynasul Liquid-Blue Indigo R Dynasul Liquid Brown Red Brown B3R Dynasul Liquid-Brown Red Brown BRR Dynasul Liquid Brill Green G Dynasul Liquid Red GGF Dynasul Liquid Yellow GC Dynasul Black BR/B Dynasul Black 2R Dynasul Dark Blue V Dynasul Blue BN Dynasul Brown GB Dynasul Brown G Dynasul Brilliant Green G Dynasul Bright Green A Dynasul Orange R Dynasul Red 3B Dynasul Red 10 Dynasul Light Yellow GC Dynasul Yellow G 

Vat Dyes

Dynathrene Grey M Dynathrene Black RB Dynathrene Grey 3B Dynathrene Black 2G Dynathrene Olive T Dynathrene Olive R Dynathrene Grey BG Dynathrene Black DB Dynathrene Indigo Dynathrene Blue RSN Dynathrene Blue BC Dynathrene Blue GC Dynathrene Navy RAN Dynathrene Navy Blue BF Dynathrene Blue GNX Dynathrene Blue RNX Dynathrene Blue Blue CL Dynathrene Brown BR Dynathrene Brown R Dynathrene Brown 2R 

Solvent Dyes

Dynamexol Black NB Dynamexol Brown 2RL Dynamexol Orange AN Dynamexol Orange F2G Dynamexol Red 4R Dynamexol Red 2B Dynaplast Black 2B Dynaplast Blue BB Dynaplast Blue P Dynaplast Brown 6RL Dynaplast Brown R Dynaplast Green 5B Dynaplast Green FB Dynaplast Orange Y Base Dynaplast Orange KB Dynaplast Sudan Red G Dynaplast Red Brown BB Dynamexol Blue BO Dynamexol Blue 6G Dynaplast Blue A 


Organic Pigment

Dybrite Blue 15:0 Dybrite Blue 15:1 Dybrite Blue 15:2 Dybrite Blue 15:3 Dybrite Blue 15:4 Dybrite Blue 15:6 Dybrite Brown 25 Dybrite Blue 60 Dybrite Green 7 Dybrite Green 36 Dybrite Orange 5 Dybrite Orange 13 Dybrite Orange 16 Dybrite Orange 34 Dybrite Orange 36 Dybrite Orange 38 Dybrite Orange 43 Dybrite Orange 62 Dybrite Orange 64 Dybrite Orange 70 

Inorganic Pigment

Iron Oxide Black Cobalt Blue Prussian Blue Ultramarine Blue Iron Oxide Brown Chrome Oxide Green Cobalt Green Molybdate Orange Iron Oxide Red Lemon Chrome Yellow Light Chrome Yellow Middle Chrome Yellow Deep Chrome Yellow Iron Oxide Yellow Carbon Black 

Pigment Dispersion

Pigment Dispersion Blue E 6200 Pigment Dispersion Blue E 7800 Pigment Dispersion Orange E 4500 Pigment Dispersion Red E 3250 Pigment Dispersion Red E 3333 Pigment Dispersion Red E 3350 Pigment Dispersion Red E 3450 Pigment Dispersion Red E 3500 Pigment Dispersion Red E 3600 Pigment Dispersion Red E 4120 Pigment Dispersion Red E 4180 Pigment Dispersion Violet E 5300 Pigment Dispersion Violet E 5600 Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 1100 Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 1200 Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 1300 Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 1650 Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 2120 Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 2180 Pigment Dispersion Yellow E 2600 

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide for Medicine Titanium Dioxide 2196 Titanium Dioxide RM 1 

Pearlescent Pigment

Dypearl108 Dypearl110 Dypearl111 Dypearl120 Dypearl121 Dypearl163 Dypearl103 Dypearl118 Dypearl123 Dypearl173 Dypearl100 Dypearl100S Dypearl104 Dypearl150 Dypearl151 Dypearl154 Pearlescent Pigment Dypearl153 Dypearl183 Dypearl205 Dypearl215 


Glitter Red Gold 102 Glitter Yellow Gold 103 Glitter Dark Gold 104 Glitter Gold 105 Glitter Light Gold 106 Glitter Bronze Gold 107 Glitter Cyan Gold 108 Glitter Pale Gold 109 Glitter Jardin Aires 118 Glitter Laser Silver L001 Glitter Laser Dark Gold L104 Glitter Laser Gold L105 Glitter Laser Red L205 Glitter Laser Orange L206 Glitter Laser Dark Purple L304 Glitter Laser Purple L305 Glitter Laser Light Purple L306 Glitter Laser Lilac L307 Glitter Laser Sapphire Blue L405 Glitter Laser Azure L406 

Auxiliary & Additives

Textile Auxiliary

Scouring Enzyme Multifunctional Scouring Agent Scouring Enzyme Stabilizer For Hydrogen Peroxide Chelating And Dispersing Agent Alkaline Dyeing Agent For Polyester And Polyester/Cotton Blend Fabric Desizing Agent Detergent Degreaser Wetting Agent Substitute For Soda Ash Levelling Agent for Cotton Levelling Agent for Acid dyes Levelling Agent for Polyester Levelling Agent for Acrylic Leveling Agent for the high temperature dyeing Carrier For Polyester Dyeing Soaping Agent Defoaming Agent Defoaming Agent 

Plastics Additives

Antioxidant 1010 Antioxidant 1076 Antioxidant 1135 Antioxidant 1024 Antioxidant 245 Antioxidant 3114 Antioxidant 1098 Antioxidant 1222 Antioxidant 300 Antioxidant 412S Antioxidant 1081 Antioxidant 168 Antioxidant 1425 Antioxidant 215 Antioxidant 225 Antioxidant 900 BP-1(UV-0) BP-2 BP-3(UV-9) BP-4 

Coating and Printing Ink Additives

Coating and Printing Ink Additives Ketone Resin Coating and Printing Ink Additives Defoamer Silicone Coating and Printing Ink Additives Defoamer Non-Silicone Coating and Printing Ink Additives Polyamide Resin Benzene-Soluble Coating and Printing Ink Additives Polyamide Resin Alcohol-Soluble Coating and Printing Ink Additives PU Resin Coating and Printing Ink Additives Modified Maleic Resin Coating and Printing Ink Additives UMOH Coating and Printing Ink Additives ATBC Aldehyde Resin A81 

Fine Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals 2,4-Dichloro Acetophenone Speciality Chemicals 2,4-Dihydroxy Acetophenone 


Pharmaceuticals 1,3-Benzenedicarbonitrile Pharmaceuticals 2,4-Dihydroxy Acetophenone Oxolinic Acid Pranoprofen 5-Nitro Vanilline 2-Mercapto-5-Methoxy-Benzimidazole 2-Chloromethyl-3,5-Dimethyl-4-Methoxy Pyridine Hydrochloride Terbinafine Hydrochloride N, N-Diethyl 2-Cyanoacetamide Phenyl Hydrazine 5-Methoxytryptamine Fumaric Acid L(+)-Rhamnose Monohydrate Amantadine Hydrochloride 

Industries & Applications


Vat Violet 1 CAS No. 1324-55-6 Basic Violet 8 Dyrect BLUE 199 CAS No.:12222-04-7 Vat Orange 2 CAS No.1324-35-2 Vat Orange 3 CAS No.4378-61-4 Disperse Black XF Acid Red 137 Acid Red 3BN C.I. Acid Red 120 CAS No.12269-98-6 Vat Yellow 46 CAS No.12237-50-2 Vat Yellow 33 CAS No.12227-50-8 Vat Yellow 10 CAS No.2379-76-2 Vat Yellow 2 CAS No.129-09-9 Yellow G 1 CAS NO.475-71-8 Vat Violet 9 CAS No.1324-17-0 Vat Violet 3 CAS No.2379-75-1 Red 54 Vat Red 41 CAS No.522-75-8 Vat Red 32 CAS No.2379-77-3 Vat Red 31 CAS No.12227-47-3 


Plastics Blue B Organic Pigment Green G Glitter 001 Glitter 109 Antioxidant 626 CAS No. 26741-53-7 Pigment Blue 15:0 CAS No.147-14-8 Pigment Blue 15:1 CAS No.12239-87-1 Pigment Blue 15:3 CAS No.147-14-8 Pigment Blue 60 CAS No.81-77-6 Pigment Green 7 CAS No.1328-53-6 Pigment Orange 13 CAS No.3520-72-7 Antioxidant 1081 CAS:90-66-4 Pigment Orange 34 CAS No.15793-73-4 Pigment Orange 16 CAS No.6505-28-8 Pigment Orange 36 CAS No.12236-62-3 Antioxidant 412S CAS No.29598-76-3 Solvent Black 3 CAS No.4197-25-5 Pigment Red 48:1 CAS No.7585-41-3 Pigment Red 48:2 CAS No.7023-61-2 Pigment Red 48:3 CAS No.15782-05-5 

Printing Inks

Pigment for Offset Ink Dybrite Lake Red C Pigment for Offset Ink Dybrite Rubine 4BN Pigment for Solvent Based Inks Dybrite Red DY-BL Pigment for Solvent Based Inks Dybrite Red Lake DY-CS Pigment for Water Based Inks Dybrite Fast Red F2R Pigment for Water Based Inks Dybrite Fast Red FGR Dynaspers-SP Red SP-RF Dynaspers-SP Yellow SP-E2G Coating and Printing Ink Additives Ketone Resin Coating and Printing Ink Additives ATBC For Water-Base Products (E-S) Yellow E1350 For Water-Base Products (E-S) Yellow E1350 For Flexography and Gravure Inks (CA) Yellow CA 212 For Flexography and Gravure Inks (CA) Orange CA 416 For Flexography and Gravure Inks (CK) Red CK327 For Flexography and Gravure Inks (CK) Violet CK523 Organic Pigment For Water Based Ink Organic Pigment For Solvent Based Ink Organic Pigment For Offset Ink Ink Additives 

Coating & Paint

Pigments for Paints & Coating Dybrite Phthalo Blue B Pigments for Paints & Coating Dybrite Fast Yellow H3G Pigments for Paints & Coating Dybrite Fast Orange 2G Inorganic Pigment Lemon Chrome Yellow For Latex Products (R) Yellow R12 For Solid Matter Dyeing (J) Red J310 For Exterior Emulsions Paints (E) Yellow E 1200 For Water-Base Wood Paints (E-T) Black For Paints (EI-IO) Brown E9000 For Water-Base Products (E-S) Blue E6000 Pearlescent Pigment Dypearl400 Pearlescent Pigment Dypearl9225 Coating and Printing Ink Additives Ketone Resin Coating and Printing Ink Additives Polyamide Resin Benzene-Soluble Glitter 107 Glitter 103 Solvent Black 27 CAS No.12237-22-8 Solvent Black 29 CAS No.61901-87-9 Solvent Black 34 CAS No.32517-36-5 Organic Pigment For Coating & Paint 


Dyes For Writting Ink Salt Free Dyes For Writting Ink Solvent-Based Ink Dyes Glitter CAS No.25038-59-9 Pigment Dispersion Ink for Writing Ink (M) Pigment Dispersion Ink for Jet Ink (MJ) 


Dyes For Leather Glitter CAS No.25038-59-9 

Food, Drug & Cosmetics

Semipermanent Hair Colors HC Red B54 Semipermanent Hair Colors Acid Green 25 Intermediates for Permanent Hair Colors 1,5-Naphthalenediol Intermediates for Permanent Hair Colors 1-Naphthol Pigment Dispersions for Cosmetics Yellow S-10G Pigment Dispersions for Cosmetics Violet S-RL Food Dyes Tartrazine Food Dyes Sunset Yellow Glitter 004 Glitter 703 Iron Oxide Yellow Iron Oxide Iron Oxide Red Iron Oxide Glitter CAS No.25038-59-9 

Wax & Solvents

Solvent Blue 35 CAS No.17354-14-2 Solvent Blue 36 CAS No.14233-37-5 Solvent Green 3 CAS No.128-80-3 Solvent Green 5 CAS No.79869-59-3 Solvent Green 28 CAS No.71839-01-5 Solvent Orange 63 CAS No.16294-75-0 Solvent Orange 86 CAS No.81-64-1 Solvent Yellow 14 CAS No.842-07-9 Solvent Red 18 CAS No.6483-64-3 Solvent Red 26 CAS No.4477-79-6 Solvent Red 27 CAS No.1320-06-5 Solvent Red 49 CAS No.509-34-2 Solvent Red 111 CAS No.82-38-2 Solvent Red 168 CAS No.71832-19-4 Solvent Red 164 CAS No.71819-51-7 Solvent Violet 13 CAS No.81-48-1 Solvent Yellow 43 CAS No.19125-99-6 Solvent Yellow 56 CAS No.2481-94-9 Solvent Yellow 72 CAS No.61813-98-7 


OBA for Wool,Acrylic,Nylon CL-2 CAS NO.:12270-53-0 OBA for Wool,Acrylic,Nylon PRS-2 CAS NO.:3426-43-5 OBA for Wool,Acrylic,Nylon BAC CAS NO.:95078-19-6 OBA for Wool,Acrylic,Nylon MST-D CAS NO.:55585-28-9 OBA for Wool,Acrylic,Nylon SWN CAS NO.:91-44-1 OBA For Polyester PS-D OBA For Polyester CPS-3 OBA For Polyester ER-2 CAS NO.:13001-40-6 OBA For Polyester DT CAS NO.:1041-00-5 OBA for Cotton,Rayon BA CAS NO.:12768-92-2 OBA for Cotton,Rayon CBS-X CAS NO.:27344-41-8 OBA for Cotton,Rayon DMS#33 CAS NO.:16090-02-1 OBA for Cotton,Rayon PRS-1 CAS NO.:3426-43-5 OBA for Cotton,Rayon CL-1 CAS NO.:12270-53-0 OBA for Cotton,Rayon MST CAS NO.:55585-28-9 OBA for Cotton,Rayon 4BK-L CAS NO.:12768-92-2 OBA for Cotton,Rayon 4BK-R CAS NO.:12768-92-2 OBA for Cotton,Rayon 4BK-B CAS NO.:12768-92-2 FB 135(PF) CAS NO.:12224-12-3 FB 184(OB) CAS NO.:7128-64-5 


Acid Dyes For Paper Basic Dyes For Paper Direct Dyes for Paper Optical Brightener Liquid For Paper Chemicals for Thermal Paper Chemicals for Carbon-free Paper Pigment Dispersion for Paper Dyeing (PD) Pigment Dispersion for Paper Dyeing (PD-T) Pigment Dispersion for Paper and Special Application (P) 

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