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China Polymers Anionic PAM for Waste Water Treatment


We want to sell is a China Polymers Anionic PAM for Waste Water Treatment, its performance is enough to complete the customer wants it to complete almost all the tasks.We believe that this product can provide customers with an excellent experience, so that customers understand what kind of real good product.

Anionic Polyacrylamide- APAM For Waste Water Treatment

Brief Introduction of Anionic Polyacrylamide For Waste Water Treatment
CAS No.:9003-05-8 MF:{(C3H5NO)n}

This product is a water- soluble high polymer.It's not soluble in most organic solvents, with good flocculating activity, and can reduce the friction resistance between liquid

Main Application Fields
Waste water Treatment
Oil Field & Mining

Appearance: Off White or Yellowish granular powder
Molecular weight: 8million-22million
Solid content: ≥89%
Degree of Charge(lonicity)%: 10% -50%
Recommend Working Concentration:0.1%,0.25%,0.5%
OEM can be provided

Application Method
1. The product should be prepared for the water solution of 0.1% as concentration. It is better to use neutral and desalted water.
2. The product should be scattered evenly in the stirring water, and the dissolving can be accelerated by warming the water (below 60ºC).
3. The most economical dosage can be determined based on a preliminary test. The pH value of the water to be treated should be adjusted before the treatment.

1. This product is hygroscopic, so it is should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place below 35ºC.
2. The solid product should be prevented from scattering on the ground because the hygroscopic powder can cause slipperiness.

25kg/plastic enhanced Paper bags with inner plastic bag, 25kg/PE bags Or Kraft Paper Bag

Anionic Polyacrylamide Application Fields
1. As a flocculating agent, mainly used in industrial solid-liquid separation process, including settlement, to clarify, concentrate and sludge dewatering processes. Applications for all the major sectors are: Urban Sewage Treatment, Paper, Food Processing, Petrochemical, MetallurgicalProcessing, Dyeing and the Sugar and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment.

2.In the paper industry can be used as dry strength agents, retention agent, filter aid. They can be greatly improved as paper quality, enhance the physical strength of paper and reduce the loss of fiber, can also be used in the treatment of white water at the same time, in the deinking process can play a significant flocculation.

3.In the mining, coal mining industry can be used for waste water, coal washing waste water clarifier.

4.They Can be used for dyeing wastewater, Leather wastewater, oily wastewater treatment, so that turbidity removal, decolorization, to achieve the emission standards.

5.For the tap water in the river water treatment plant flocculant

China Polymers Anionic PAM for Waste Water Treatment

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